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As a digital or printable product seller, making sure your products stand out in the vast ocean of online competition is tough, but SEO (search engine optimized) Etsy keyword tools can help make your job easier. 

What are keywords? 

When someone is searching for something online, they type words into their search engine; these are regarded as ‘keywords’.

For example, if someone is looking for a planner, and you sell planners, as long as you’ve optimized your listings with the right keywords, there’s a chance that your products will appear somewhere in the list of results that the search engine gives them. 

Using the right keywords will help users find your product more easily.

So do I really need a keyword research tool?

Yes, because with the huge amount of competition online, just throwing the word ‘planner’ into your product listing isn’t going to be enough to guarantee you a place in the search results.

Without using a keyword tool, it can be hard to know what the best keywords for your product are. 

If you create keyword-rich product titles and descriptions that are relevant to your product, and resonate with your audience, your products have a higher chance of appearing in the first couple of pages of search results.

Etsy keyword tools help you optimize each of your product listings by providing you with keywords that people are likely to be using.

You can also use Etsy keyword tools to help you decide what products to make, as they provide insights into current trends and demand.

Etsy keyword tools provide valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies, allowing you to identify gaps and opportunities.

By understanding what keywords they’re targeting and how they’re optimizing their listings, you can fine-tune your own listings so that you remain competitive.

You can also use these keyword tools to track the performance of specific keywords, and find out what products other sellers are using those keywords for.

Etsy SEO Tools

I use a few different Etsy keyword tools to really give my products the best chance of success.

SEO keyword research can be a lot of fun; I personally love going down the rabbit hole of SEO with tools like Erank and InsightFactory.

I can spend hours following wherever they take me. Here are my favorite SEO keyword tools right now:

Etsy Search Bar

If you’re an Etsy seller, your go-to tool should be the Etsy search bar. Using Etsy as a search engine, and optimizing your product titles and descriptions for Etsy’s search algorithm, can improve your visibility.

Make sure you’re using the right keywords and phrases to describe your products, and consider utilizing long-tail keywords for greater specificity.

For example, if you want to see what types of planners people are searching for right now, type the word “planner” into the Etsy search bar to see what other products it suggests to you.

etsy keyword research

Google Trends

I love using Google Trends because it provides me with real-time search data, which other SEO Etsy keyword tools don’t.

Google Trends also enables users to compare the popularity of multiple search terms to identify trends and patterns.

My favorite way to use Google Trends, is to use the historical data for a keyword to use as a jumping off point for creating products for the current year.

Pinterest Trends 

By using Pinterest Trends, you can identify rising trends and create pins that cater to those trends, both in terms of the visual design of your Pins and in the keywords you use in your pin titles and descriptions. 

I also use the historical data from this tool as well. You can easily identify when keywords started to trend in past years. This can help you plan your product creation schedule so that you can rank for this keyword in advance of the sales cycle.

pinterest trends data


InsightFactory is designed specifically for Etsy sellers, making it one of the most powerful SEO keyword tools for you to use as an Etsy shop owner.

It provides information on best-selling items, categories, and keywords on Etsy; it allows sellers to analyze their competitors’ shops and products; it provides information on the latest trends; and it provides data and analytics on Etsy’s marketplace.

Sellers can gain insights into customer behavior, demand patterns, and pricing strategies. All of this means that you can make product decisions for your own shop based on solid data.

This is one of my favorite Etsy keyword research tools. You can watch me demo this tool here:


Erank is a tool that can help you discover which keywords your competitors are using and how they’re ranking in search engine results. By analyzing your competitors’ strategies, you can refine your own keyword optimization and content creation. 

Erank also offers data on customer behavior, allowing you to identify exactly what your target audience is searching for.


The benefit of using ChatGPT as a keyword tool is that you can use a question and answer format to get insights into what potential customers might be asking about products similar to yours.

This can help you create products that address common needs or pain points. Here’s a short video I made on how I use ChatGPT for keyword research:

There are lots of SEO keyword tools available besides those I’ve just mentioned. Some keyword tools are free to use, some have free and paid versions, and some only have paid versions.

Free Etsy Keyword Tools

Those that are free or have free versions include:

Paid Etsy Keyword Tools

These are my two favorite Etsy keyword tools. I pay $5.99/month for Erank, and $19.99/month for Insightfactory:

Understandably, the paid versions of keyword tools will provide you with more in depth information and more segmentation options, but you can definitely get valuable information from the free tools. I recommend starting with the free tools if you want to keep your business costs low in the early stages.

If you’re serious about making your Etsy shop a success, SEO should be at the top of your priority list. You will probably find that you use more than one keyword research tool, as they all provide something of value, but SEO keyword research is a fun thing to do! 

Start experimenting with some of the tools mentioned here, and watch your business take off!


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    I was a Printables student and am also a Financial and Health Coach. I need to purchase a budget spreadsheet for my financial coaching business and wonder if you offer that on your Etsy store. I need to be able to send a copy to my clients and they send it filled out back to me for our coaching session . Do you offer a commercial budget spreadsheet if so for how much ?

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