Printables make visualizing your goals easier. Learning how to resize a printable allows you to put them in your planner, your wallet, on your desk, or anywhere that helps you see yourself reaching your goals!

Changing the size of your printable for your planner is simple! After clicking on “Print,” go to the “Scale” section of your printer settings. Click on “Custom” from the drop down to print at a certain percentage.

Just use these percentages in your printer settings below for some of the most common planners on the market:

  • Happy Planner Classic – 84%
  • Happy Planner Mini – 54%
  • Filofax Compact – 44%
  • Franklin Covey Classic – 65%
  • Kate Spade Personal – 44%

Once printed, trim your page to fit. Don’t see your planner size listed? Use this simple formula to get the measurements for your planner below:

WIDTH of your planner page ÷ 8.5 = A
A (from above) x 100 = PERCENT to printExample: If your planner pages are 5.34 inches by 8 inches (the height doesn’t matter here)
5.34 ÷ 8.5 = .628
.628 x 100 = 62.8% (round up or down to nearest whole number)

I have also found that in my printer settings, you can choose many of the popular planner sizes, such as A4 and A5:

Go to “more settings” and then the “paper size” to the printable size you need!

Using printables has helped me to pay off $70,000 of debt and counting!

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How to Resize a Printable