How to Make Digital Stickers

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Digital stickers and planners are taking the digital products world by storm. Learning how to make digital stickers has never been easier.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps for making digital stickers that will appeal to your audience and showcase your creativity.

What tools can I use to make digital stickers?

There are free, and paid, tools that you can use to make digital stickers.

These tools include Adobe Illustrator, Photopea, Procreate, or Canva. Adobe Illustrator and Procreate are popular tools to use to create digital stickers. Photopea and Canvaare both free to use.

You can use all of these tools on a Mac, but you cannot use Procreate on a PC. I recommend if creating digital stickers in Canva if you are beginner since it is user friendly and free to use.

I personally use Photopea to create my digital stickers using free graphics I get from Creative Fabrica.

How to Make a Digital Sticker

Once you have chosen the design software you want to make your digital sticker in, you will want to create a template in the size 2000px x 2000px. This size allows you to size a sticker down easily without it losing image quality.

If you are creating your sticker in Canva, you can choose from their free, or paid, clipart to use for your sticker. You will want to add a dropshadow to your sticker to make it seem more realistic.

After you have created your sticker, you will want to download it as a transparent PNG file. You can only download a PNG with a transparent background in the Pro version of Canva. To create a PNG with a transparent background for free, you will want to upload your file to a free background remover tool.

To learn how to make digital stickers in Photopea I have a great tutorial on this below.

how to make digital stickers

How to Use Digital Stickers

To use your digital stickers, you will want to import them into a digital planner. You can upload them in a zipped file that you unzip on your tablet, such as an iPad.

The most popular note annotation app to use digital planners, and digital stickers in, is Goodnotes. Goodnotes is a paid tool, but it is cheap to use.

Once you have uploaded your digital sticker file to your iPad, you will want to unzip the file.

After the file is unzipped, you can open your digital planner and digital sticker files at the same time and then copy and paste your stickers directly into your tablet.

How to Start a Digital Sticker Business

There are tons of places to sell digital stickers online. My favorite place to sell stickers is Etsy.

Popular digital stickers to sell on Etsy are:

  • Kawaii Stickers
  • Motivational Sayings
  • Sarcastic Sayings
  • Digital Sticky Notes
  • Seasonal Themed Stickers

There are a ton of courses that teach you how to create digital stickers. My favorite course on selling digital stickers is the digital sticker course by Michelle Simpkin.

The course includes:

  • Tutorials for Canva Pro, PicMonkey, and Apple Keynotes (desktop + app versions)
  • 10 digital sticker templates (making over 400 stickers!), also includes washi tape templates
  • 21 Etsy listing templates
  • Bonus lessons
  • Lifetime access
  • Future course updates

This digital product in a box kit allows you to make a product even if you have no graphic design experience (like myself) and no experience in the design programs that the tutorials walk you through.

Making Digital Stickers is Easy!

My digital products business journey started with printable products. I slowly evolved my business to include more products to be used exclusively digitally. 

I love that I am able to provide products that can be used printed and digitally. It makes my digital products business feel complete. 

Personally, I use the digital planner I made everyday with my digital stickers!

digital planner

It is so fun to use. It makes meal planning, making lists, brainstorming, budgeting, journaling, and scrapbooking so simple and easy.

As a mother of two, keeping a printed journal or stickers is impossible as my children have found every way possible to destroy these items! Having a digital planner, with my custom made digital stickers, has made my life easier.

I know it will make the lives of my customers easier as well.

Thinking of starting your own digital products side hustle? Let me know in the comments below!

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