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Digital stickers and planners are taking the digital products world by storm. Learning how to make digital stickers has never been easier.

Google Trends reports that the keywords “digital planner” have now overtaken “printable planner” in monthly searches. This means that it is the perfect time to create, and sell, products to meet this growing demand.

In this review, I discuss why digital stickers are such a great product to make to complement an existing digital planner product line or as a stand alone product for your e-commerce business and how to create your own.

What is a digital sticker?

Digital stickers are simply PNG files with a transparent background.

You can create these images on platforms such as Canva, or other graphic design products (Adobe, PicMonkey, ProCreate, etc.).

I created my stickers in Canva. I am not a graphic designer, and the digital sticker course I took is made for people who have zero graphic design experience.

digital stickers

Canva is a program I have been using for a little over a year. I am an accountant by trade, so creating art is definitely not a natural talent for me.

With programs like Canva, you don’t need to be skilled in this area, you just have to want to learn!

What is the Digital Sticker Course by Michelle Simpkin?

The digital sticker course provides you with everything you need to complete your first digital sticker. 

The course includes:

  • Tutorials for Canva Pro, PicMonkey, and Apple Keynotes (desktop + app versions)
  • 10 digital sticker templates (making over 400 stickers!), also includes washi tape templates
  • 21 Etsy listing templates
  • Bonus lessons
  • Lifetime access
  • Future course updates

This digital product in a box kit allows you to make a product even if you have no graphic design experience (like myself) and no experience in the design programs that the tutorials walk you through.

Who is the creator of the course?

Michelle Simpkin started her entrepreneurial adventure making printables and paper planners to help women organize their lives. She soon realized that her real passion is a mixture of travelling, decluttering, and digital planners.

She decided to embark upon the digital nomad lifestyle. This meant that she would have to go completely paperless as she was travelling the world permanently.

Digital products were the perfect products to make, and sell, for her lifestyle.

Her core mission is encourages others to:

1. Do the scary thing

2. Embrace exactly who you are ‘cause you’re amazing

3. Add more ease where you can

Her mission speaks to me as a female entrepreneur, because it is scary trying new things. If you embrace your strengths, and outsource your weaknesses, then you will be successful. 

Michelle does this for her own brand and it is inspiring!

What does this product do differently than the competition?

This course is different from the competition, because it makes creating a digital sticker from start to finish extremely simple and uncomplicated.

I watched the course videos over a two and a half hour period before I felt like I could create my first sticker myself.

The amount of templates provided covers every type of sticker you would need to create for a successful product to sell.

She covers the best sizes for large and small stickers, how to crop stickers, how to select color schemes for your stickers, and so much more. 

Another thing I really appreciated about this course were the amount of hacks provided. 

I learned a ton of new and simple Canva tips that I have used for my Etsy product listings and Pinterest pins. These tips can be used for so many applications that include more than just digital stickers.

Who is this product for? 

This product is for those who want to start a digital product to sell online and don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so. 

For those in the digital planner space, this is the perfect product to make to complement and add value to your existing product line.

If you love digital stickers, this is the perfect way to learn how to make your own stickers to really customize your digital planners.

A successful student will have the drive to go through the course material from beginning to end and be open to trying new things. 

The course consists of short actionable videos designed to take you through the digital sticker creation journey in bite sized pieces. 

As a mom of two small children, with no time to spare, I really appreciated the course format.

I was able to create my first 100 stickers in a little under an hour using the templates provided! I felt comfortable making my own stickers from scratch immediately after this.

Creating digital stickers is addictive and fun!

Who is this product not for? 

The digital sticker course is not for someone who wants the stickers already done for them. It is for those who want to learn an easy skill and have fun with it.

The course is also not for those who want to learn how to draw or doodle. The course covers how to turn purchased clip art, your own clip art, and basic elements into digital stickers.

The “learn at your own pace” format of this course makes it so simple to be successful. 

I believe that anyone who takes this course will have their own digital sticker product created over a weekend.

Where can you buy this product?

You can purchase the digital sticker course here for $147. The course pays for itself, because you can sell a digital planner, with stickers, for $20 or more. Digital stickers can also be sold as a standalone product. You carry no inventory and the possibilities are endless.

Quickly reap the rewards of your hard work and pay for the class easily with this digital products course.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to start a simple digital products business, or for anyone who loves digital stickers.

Want pre-made stickers that you can start selling today?

Templates are a great way to help you get started with selling digital stickers.

That is why I also highly recommend the digital sticker hub pre-made stickers that Michelle Simpkin created.

I used these pre-made stickers to create sticker books to sell in my Etsy shop. It cut down the time it takes to make a digital sticker product by at least half.

Making Digital Stickers is Easy!

My digital products business journey started with printable products. I slowly evolved my business to include more products to be used exclusively digitally. 

I love that I am able to provide products that can be used printed and digitally. It makes my digital products business feel complete. 

Personally, I use the digital planner I made everyday with my digital stickers!

digital planner

It is so fun to use. It makes meal planning, making lists, brainstorming, budgeting, journaling, and scrapbooking so simple and easy.

As a mother of two, keeping a printed journal or stickers is impossible as my children have found every way possible to destroy these items! Having a digital planner, with my custom made digital stickers, has made my life easier.

I know it will make the lives of my customers easier as well.

Want your make your own digital stickers? Use my link to purchase the course and you will receive my bonus Pinterest pins pack so that you can market your digital stickers easily and quickly!

Thinking of starting your own digital products side hustle? Let me know in the comments below!

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