An Honest Review of the Digital Planner Template Kit Course by Secret OWL Society

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As a female entrepreneur, and mom, I was excited to find an easy and fun way to add passive income to our family funds with the Digital Planner Template Kit course through Secret O.W.L. Society.

Last year I dived into the world of digital products.

I started a business after taking the E-Printables course with Gold City Ventures, and I am now making just shy of $3,000 a month in passive income with that business alone.

What I love about digital products are that they are easy to create, they take a small amount of start up costs (less than $100), and you don’t hold any inventory.

I recently expanded my digital products printable business to include digital planners. 

In this review I discuss the course I took that helped me create, and sell, my first digital planner within two weeks.

What is a digital planner?

Digital planners are planners that you use on a tablet, such as an iPad, with a stylus like the Apple Pencil.

digital planner template

The digital planner itself is a PDF document with embedded hyperlinks. You use this document on a note taking app such as Goodnotes and Noteshelf.

What is the Digital Planner Template Kit by Secret O.W.L. Society?

The digital planner template kit course provides you with everything you need to complete, market, and sell your first digital planner. 

The kit includes:

  • A customizable, and hyperlinked, digital planner templates
  • Tutorials on how to use the digital planner
  • Customizable product listing mockups
  • Pinterest pin templates
  • Access to their Facebook group where you can ask any questions to get help and show your product for helpful critiques

This digital “product in a box kit” allows you to make a product even if you have no graphic design experience (like myself). The program walks you through the design program needed to create your planner.

Who are the creators of the course?

Michelle Rohr and Aimee are female entrepreneurs in the goal setting and digital products space. 

Michelle has a blog named “Secret O.W.L. Society”. “O.W.L.” stands for “Obsessed With Learning.” Michelle is constantly learning and growing her brand and ability to help others. Her core mission is to help others help themselves to become entrepreneurs. 

In her own words, “ As long as you stay hungry to learn how you can do better, be better, and live better, you are taking 100% responsibility. You’re not like so many other people out there drifting and feeling like they know it all. You are obsessed with learning and that’s what raises your life to a higher level year after year.”

I really resonate with this messaging as a female entrepreneur who loves to learn. 

Aimee is the other half of the team behind the product. As a creative genius, she brings her many graphic design and technical talents to the digital planner template kit.

Through her graphic design skills, she brings an aesthetic to the digital planner template kit that makes it visually appealing and easy to customize.

Her soothing voice will engage you through the course material. She is extremely knowledgeable, and her presentation of the material is thorough and leaves no rock unturned.

What does this product do differently than the competition?

This course is different from the competition, because it holds your hand through the entire digital planning process from product development to selling your product.

The course also gives you choices on how to make your product. 

Want to learn Adobe InDesign? There is a tutorial for how to make your planner with that platform. Want to learn how to customize your planner on Apple Keynote or Affinity Publisher? There is a tutorial for that as well!

Having access to the Facebook group is also an invaluable resource, because the product creators will answer your questions. 

You can also learn from the people who have gone through the course as they frequently share their tips and tricks.

Who is the digital planner template kit for? 

This product is for those who want to start a digital product line in the digital planner space. You have to have the drive to go from start to finish through this course. 

It took me 3 hours to watch the course videos, and then 10 hours to make my first digital planner.

Don’t pressure yourself to do this all in one go. I spaced this out over a week so that I could do the course in easily digestible pieces. Anyone with the desire to learn and push yourself will be successful with this course.

Who is the digital planner template kit not for? 

The digital planner template kit is not for someone expecting to have the planner done for them. You have to put in the work to create your own product. 

As there is a lot to learn through this process, you have to stay motivated and focused to be successful.

This is a “learn at your own pace” course, so you don’t have to make the planner in a week. You can make it over the course of a few months, but just remember, you have to carve out the time to make it happen.

I learned so much from the process of making my planner that I have been able to apply to different facets of my professional life. 

Where can you get your copy of the Digital Planner Template Kit?

You can purchase the digital planner template kit here for $97. The course pays for itself, because you can sell a digital planner for $20 or more. You will quickly reap the rewards of your hard work and pay for the class easily.

If you purchase the template with my link, you will receive 4 bonus Pinterest pin templates to jumpstart your digital planner marketing if you choose to sell your templates.

This course comes highly recommend to anyone wanting to start a side hustle or business in the digital products space.

I started my digital products business with printable products. Slowly, I evolved my business to include more products to be used exclusively digitally. 

I love that I am able to provide products that can be used printed and digitally. It makes my digital products business feel complete. 

Personally, I use the digital planner I made everyday! It is so fun to use. It makes meal planning and making lists so easy. I also created digital stickers with this fun and simple course by Michelle Simpkin!

digital planner stickers

As a mother of two, keeping a printed journal is impossible as my children have found it and either ripped out the pages or colored all over them!

Having a digital planner has made my life easier and I know it will make the lives of my customers easier as well.

Thinking of starting your own digital products side hustle? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I am starting from scratch and want to create a printable and digital shop online, i am in love with creating documents, planners, lists, schedules etc but when it come to the business side of things my head starts to spin…. any way you could possibly help or suggest what i need to do “Business” side of things so it is all done legally

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