A Guide on How to Add Video to Etsy Listings

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According to Statista, there are around seven and a half million sellers on Etsy worldwide. Read that number again and try to take it in! And now you’re probably wondering how on earth you can make your products stand out amongst that tsunami of products on Etsy? It’s hard to think of something that hasn’t already been done, right? 

Well, how about using video to attract your buyers?

Etsy says listings that include video achieve twice as many orders as those without; luckily, there are a few really easy ways to create videos and upload them to your Etsy store.

How to Make Simple Videos

Creating simple videos is a great place to start when highlighting your products to buyers. My favorite place to create these videos is in Canva. Below are a few simple ways to create videos for your Etsy listings.

There are some basic requirements you should know before you make a video for your Etsy listing.

Etsy Video Specifications

When you’re making a video that will be uploaded to Etsy, you need to bear in mind Etsy’s specifications with regards to video size and aspect ratio.

Etsy Video Size

The maximum file size allowed by Etsy for your listing videos is 100MB.

In order to help you keep to this size, Etsy has set a recommended video length of 5-15 seconds – if you upload a longer video, Etsy will trim it down to the first 15 seconds. 

Bear in mind that Etsy doesn’t allow audio on listing videos.

Etsy Video Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of your listing video should be the same as that of your listing images. Etsy recommends that images are 2000px on the shortest side.

Additionally, a square ratio is the best size for an Etsy video as Etsy has recently changed the listing thumbnail to be cropped in your shop, and in some search areas of their site.

Listing Video Size and Formats:

  • Videos must adhere to the following specifications:
    • Maximum size: 100 MB
    • Accepted file types: MP4, MOV, FLV, AAC, AVI, 3GP, MPEG.

Now you are ready to make a video. Here are some video creation options to choose from:

Option 1: Use ‘Present and Record’ Feature in Canva

Probably the absolute easiest way to create a video for your Etsy listing in Canva, is to use the ‘present and record’ feature.  Here’s how:

  1. Create your product using Canva
  2. Save a copy of the listing, so you still have a static version
  3. In the copy, click on the Share button and then click on More
  4. Select Present and Record
  5. Click Recording Studio
  6. In the Camera drop down list, select No Camera
  7. After the 3, 2, 1 countdown, use your mouse to click through the listing slides
  8. After you’ve clicked through to the last slide, select End Recording
  9. Download your file as an MP4
  10. Go back to Canva and create a blank design in a size suitable for Etsy, such as 2000 px x 2000 px
  11. Add a suitable mockup to showcase your product video, like a photo frame or an ipad, and any other elements such as a relevant heading, a background color, etc
  12. Upload the MP4 you just saved in to Canva and add it to the design you’ve just created
  13. When you’re happy with the design, download to your computer.

Option 2: Animate Your Listing in Canva

Another really simple way to use Canva to create your Etsy video file is to create your static listing images and add some animated elements to some or all of the pages of your listing.

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Create your product 
  2. Download the product file as a jpg or png and save it to your computer
  3. Extract all the images from the jpg or png file and save them individually
  4. Upload the images into your Canva account
  5. Create your listing slides, making sure you’re clearly highlighting the key features of your product                                                                                                                    
  6. Save a copy of the listing, so that you still have a static version
  7. In the copy of the listing file, add animation to individual graphics, entire pages, or the entire file. Adjust the time for each animated element
  8. Once you’re happy with how the video looks, download it as an MP4 file and save it on your computer

Option 3: Using Your Smartphone

This option involves using your smartphone, camera, or specialized equipment to create your listing video, and using a hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo to house your video file. 

If you decide to go down this route, make sure that you limit background noise, use an uncluttered backdrop, and ensure the video is well-lit and focused. 

It probably makes more sense to use option 3 for physical products rather than printable products like budget planners and chore charts, but you can use this method for printables if you prefer, you just need to print them out first! Etsy has great tips on how to use your smartphone for creating video here.

How to Add Video to Etsy Listings

Now that you have created your simple video, you can upload it to your Etsy listing. The steps to do this are:

  1. Access the Edit Listing Page: Navigate to the edit listing page for the product you want to enhance with a video.
  2. Add a Video:
    • You can now upload a video where you upload your listing images. Etsy will automatically assign this video as the one allowable video for your Etsy listing.
    • Use the “Choose” button to upload your selected video file.
  3. Cropping Your Video:
    • After uploading your video, access the cropping feature (if you need to):
      • Click on the “Crop” button.
      • Choose an aspect ratio for your video.
      • Drag the frame that appears to reposition the cropped area.
      • If satisfied with the changes, click “Apply.” Use “Reset to Original Size” to undo any cropping adjustments.
  4. Publishing Your Listing:
    • Once your listing is published, the applied cropping changes will be visible in the video.

By incorporating listing videos, you can create a more immersive shopping experience for potential customers, showcasing your products in a visually appealing manner.

Etsy Video Templates

Following the information in this blog post will definitely help you to create some great videos.

But the truth is, there is so much more to learn about creating videos that really stand out and give your product line a really professional touch, which is why I created my Create Video to Sell More Digital Products course.

This course covers a ton of techniques and tips, including:

  • How to use multiple platforms to create your videos
  • How to create a video without having to actually be in it
  • How to create a video showing how to create a fillable PDF
  • How to make digital planner page-flipping video
  • How to create video using phone mounts
  • How to screen cast
  • How to create instructional videos with voiceover
  • How to create a YouTube channel

and all the other techniques I’ve developed to sell over 19,000 digital products in my Etsy shop! 

create video to sell more digital products course your frugal friend

The digital and printable product market is constantly expanding, with new Etsy shops opening all the time.

If you’re an online printable and digital product seller looking to increase your sales, you need to add video to your listings.

Adding a video to your Etsy listing is a fantastic way to showcase your product’s features and help buyers see how your product will look and work in real life. 

Final Thoughts

You’re now well equipped to go ahead and create some attention-grabbing videos for your Etsy listings.  Let me know how you get on with your first videos! Want more tips for selling on Etsy? Find them here.

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